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Pure gold.

This is blockhead at his finest, crazy as usual. The beginning was my favorite. "I AM A STAGECOACH!"
Also, the Easter egg was...interesting, to say the least.

Oh yeah, go Mr. G&W

That was pretty epic. Mr. Game and Watch is my favorite character in SSBB, and you deserve a pixelated thumbs up. That breakdancing part at the end was just awesome.
Hey, do you mind if I steal a couple of those dance moves? X)

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That was short, but it was still hilarious. During the fantasy land part, you can hear them saying "Yowie, wowie, zowie!" My dad was sleeping while I watched this, and I think I almost woke him up with my laughter. X0
As usual, you did an AWESOME job.

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Needs polishing, but overall not bad.

This is a fun little gadget. Using this easy-to-use interface, I made a cute little Mario-esque ice level. The only thing I would suggest is to make this a little more presentable. You know, add some sound effects or music and make the buttons look nicer.
I have a question, though. What do you do with the code you get when you press the "Array-Text" button? Do you input it into a different program?


This game a great time waster. Great concept, good music, and the boss fights are really fun. I died right before I beat the final boss... :(


Now this is a strategy/RPG that you can get hooked on. The enemies are great, characters are great, I like the upgrade system...overall, it's lots of fun. I especially liked the Pyro Hail move because you can hit up to nine enemies with it. :)

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This is amazing. It really captures the feeling of Clock Town: "It's the apocalypse, we're all going to die, but let's have some fun before we die." Haunting and inspiring at the same time.

Not bad.

I personally have never played Mirror's Edge, but after listening to this, it makes me want to try it. :)
As for the song itself, the intro was great, but the odd-sounding guitar took some of the coolness away. Overall, it's a good remix.


This was ok, I guess. It really has nothing to do with yoga, though. My biggest complaint is that half of the parts are extremely harsh, and have nothing to back them up. You put up a good effort, though.

Freefaller responds:

well it's not supposed to be about yoga, i just name all my songs randomly haha. Check out some of my other stuff.. I like it better

Samurai 4 lyfe.

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